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Insurance Coverage of Braces

Coverage is typically 80% for insurance coverage of braces. Secondary insurance or out of pocket payment will cover the remaining 20% of the bill. Medicare and most Private Insurance providers will approve payment for braces once every 5 years.

To qualify for a back brace through insurance, Aeroflow Healthcare will need a prescription from your doctor stating that a brace is medically necessary to treat your condition. After filling out the online qualification form, a bracing specialist will then contact you to walk you through the process of receiving the back brace. We work with your insurance provider to provide your back brace at little to no cost.

Medicare Coverage of Braces

Most plans under Medicare offer bracing coverage. If you are experiencing back pain, persistent weakness in the legs or feet, numbness or other painful symptoms, you might be able to receive a back brace through your Medicare plan.

Coverage of braces varies, but always requires a prescription from your doctor. Once your prescription has verified that a brace is medically necessary, you must find a Medicare certified supplier that participates with Medicare. This is where Aeroflow Healthcare comes in — our team can assist you in getting your brace covered through your Medicare plan at little to no cost. We work with you and your doctor to get your brace shipped right to your door. Aeroflow only provides the best braces from industry leading brands like Delco and Aspen.

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