Knee Braces

If you have experienced a knee sprain, have arthritis or have suffered a knee injury, you might Qualify through Insurance for an industry-leading knee brace.

If you are suffering from knee pain, a brace could be the solution to finding relief. Knee braces are available in several sizes, lengths and extension ranges to meet specific needs. Patients dealing with minor ligament strains or damage to the knee will benefit greatly from the added support that a knee brace has to offer.

Knee braces require a prescription, so it is always best to consult with your doctor to treat your pain and find a bracing solution that offers maximum support based on your needs.

If you suffer from knee pain, consider a knee brace through insurance or medicare.

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Featured Product

Delco ROM Hinged Knee Brace

The Delco ROM Hinged Knee Brace features an open-wrap design that is easy to put on and wear for long periods of time. The stable brace provides support during postoperative or post injury rehabilitation while keeping the user cool and comfortable.

The ROM hinge provides stability and can be adjusted to limit extension at a 0°,15°,30°,45° or 60° setting.

The wrap-around style closes at the front, which allows for easy application and adjustable tension. Medial and lateral hinges provide additional ligament support. The Delco ROM knee brace also features covered hinges, which allow the brace to be worn during contact sports.

Product Benefits

The moisture wicking fabric and elastic straps above and below the knee help prevent migration and keep the user cool during physical activity. Cool and breathable Spacer Mesh provides support and compression to the knee as well as air flow to the skin. Patients with minor knee ligament strains or damage will enjoy the added support to heal muscle and prevent any further injury.

  • Covered hinges allow the brace to be worn during contact sports
  • Moisture wicking fabric and elastic straps above and below knee
  • Wrap around front closure
  • Medial and lateral hinges
  • ROM hinge for stability