Back Braces through insurance

Back Braces

If you have back pain, muscle weakness, a spinal disorder or you have suffered a back injury and plan to see your doctor for treatment, you may Qualify through Insurance for an industry-leading back brace.

Back braces are designed to provide unparalleled support while relieving pain from injury, surgery or muscle weakness due to degeneration or spinal disorders. Aeroflow Healthcare provides back braces with a lightweight, modular design that adjusts to your body type to provide the highest level of support and relief. Easy pull tabs allow for on the spot adjustments to ensure the brace remains intact and functioning its best. Additionally, all back braces provided through Aeroflow Healthcare are lightweight and offer moisture wicking material and breathable zones that provide comfort by staying cool, even in hot weather.

Lower Back Braces

Lumbosacral belts are a popular option for patients who need support and stabilization in the lower back. These belts are generally made of heavy material that can be adjusted through lightweight tabs or laces. This type of belt prevents motion by putting compression on the hipbone and sacrum.

Spinal Braces

Spinal bracing is used to control pain, lessen the chance of injury, promote healing, compensate for weakness in the back muscles and to correct the spine.

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Featured Products

Delco Discovery 9

Delco Discovery 9 Back Brace

Delco Discovery 12 TLSO

Delco Discovery 12 Back Brace

Aspen Evergreen 637 LSO

The Aspen Evergreen offers an adjustable fit and supportive side panels.

This lateral brace offers maximum comfort and support for extended use. Lightweight, moisture wicking materials and breathable zones keep you cool and comfortable for all-day wear. A split anterior panel ensures even pressure distribution for perfect alignment, and the strapping system allows patients to quickly apply and remove the brace.

The Delco Discovery 12x TLSO offers an adjustable posterior support, adjustable shoulder straps and an abdominal compression system.  This brace helps reduce daily pain, increases core strength and maintains stability while still providing maximum comfort for those who suffer from chronic thoracic pain.

The Evergreen 637 LSO by Aspen Medical offers pain relief and support through sturdy side panels and an extension panel that allows for size adjustments. The low profile brace fits all sizes and can adjust to any waist size ranging from 28-64 inches with a convenient extension panel. The advanced tightening system allows patients to localize compression where needed for ultimate comfort.